Bodrum Windmills

One of the many beautiful sights overlooking the Bodrum peninsula are the windmills. Facing northwest, to catch the coastal winds, these windmills made of stone and lined with wooden planks, and were used from the 18th century until the 70s as a means to grind flour for the local people. Although a common sight the windmills are now derelict but still rest among the olive trees on the surrounding hills. Seven of these windmills (only two are in rather good condition) are on a hill which separates Bodrum and Gumbet, which is a fantastic location for great panorama views, especially if you go at night. On one side of the view you have a stunning view of Bodrum, and on the other side a glorious view of Gumbet. Dawns are also really beautiful there, you’ll enjoy to the fullest the synergy of sun, sea and wind….

The ruins of three windmills can be seen at Yalikavak and another one has been reconstructed which can be found near the harbour. All of the historical windmills in the Bodrum Peninsula are currently being restored to attract local and foreign tourists again.


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