Ancient Amphitheatre in Bodrum

The Bodrum Amphitheatre is another structure accredited to the reign of King Mausolus, although it wasn’t fully completed until the Roman era. The theatre is another witness to the great past of Bodrum, and it is one of the best preserved structures of ancient Halikarnassus. Originally, it was built around 4th C BC during the reign of King Mausolos, in 2nd C AD, during the Roman period, it was enlarged and enriched.

Like all ancient theatres, it is made up of three main parts: the Skene (stage), the Orchestra (half-oval part) and the Cavea audience seating. It is a very good example of a classical Greek theatre, with an estimated seating capacity of approximately 13,000. Some of the seats at the theatre are inscribed with names probably those who had helped to pay for the theatre – just like today! It became an open air museum after the excavations in 1973. The Bodrum Amphitheatre lies on the road to Gumbet and is used for concerts and shows during the high season, and is also used as part of the September Festival. It is well preserved and definitely worth a visit.

TIP : Situated on the hillside overlooking the resort, it is a great spot for taking pictures as it offers the classic picture postcard views over the Bodrum Castle and harbor.

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