Yalikavak, the St. Tropez of Bodrum, Turkey

Formerly beeing the area’s main fishing port, the beautiful village of Yalikavak maintains a vry relaxing atmosphere for charming seaside eating. Yalikavak is positioned in the north-western corner of the Bodrum peninsula, 18 km from Bodrum city means it is one of the least developed spots in the area with a lot less hotels and self-catering apartments, making it a very enjoyable stay away from the crowds.

The village is neat and very tidy, and some antiquated buildings have undergone some sensitive restoration and conversation to modern use, like a disused olive oil processing plant which has been refurbished and turned into a very attractive souvenir shop. You will immediately become aware of the peacefulness that wraps around everthing like an invisible being, besides so many other beatiful things, when you first step into the village. It is not known whether this effect originates from Yalikavak being spread over a wide area or the sublime endless breeze that cools this unique location even during the hottest summer days, one thing is certain, the sensation of absence of disturbance will embrace you completely. It is one of the greenest locations of the peninsula and nature has been very generous in terms of granting it an amazing blue sea and gorgeous coastline.

As you reaches the bay, you will notice the ruins of three old white windmills on the hills, and these hills are also perfect for pleasant picnics and long walks, particularly in the spring when they are covered with a colourful carpet of beautiful flowers bursting newly into bloom.

The beach is sandy and not crowded and near the beach there are pleasant (fish) restaurants where you can have just a cool beverage or enjoy a full meal. Yalikavak impresses with its combination of alluring traditional charm and a sense of recognition of the importance of contemporary comforts desired by today’s discerning visitor. This is what makes Yalikavak attractive to those who care for both, the old and the new.

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