Gumusluk, charming fishing port near Bodrum, Turkey

At the westernmost tip of the Bodrum Peninsula, 23 miles (37 km) from the city center of Bodrum, you can find the charming fisherman’s cove and seaside village of Gumusluk (pronounced as goo-moosh-look, in Turkish written as Gümüşlük). The peaceful village of Gumusluk is one of the oldest settlements on the Bodrum peninsula, and it stands on the site of the ancient Carian city of Myndos whose seafront sections slid into the sea in some long-forgotten earthquake. The remains of these ancient harbor walls are scattered at the base of the headlands just to the north and west of the village. Today these remains are a magnet for snorkelers, in 2006 one hundred archaeologists descended on Gumusluk to start excavating the land, so far they have uncovered further walls and mosaics. Don’t forget to bring a snorkel to explore the site where Brutus and Cassius escaped in 44 B.C. after having murdered the well known Julius Caesar. Rabbit Island is guarding the entrance to the cove and harboring its own set of ruins connected to the mainland by way of a sunken ancient city wall that allows visitors to wade over from the town center, the island offers a beautiful panoramic view of Gumusluk cove and beach.

Thanks to its archaeological value, Gumusluk is protected against developments, which means unlike many other holiday destinations it has not been over exposed, and will hopefully remain as remote, scenic and charming in the future as it is today. It increases in charm in the evening, when area residents choose their favorite dining location from more than a dozen fish restaurants along the sea front, displaying a wide variety of locally caught seafood. The westerly aspect of Gumusluk provides some spectacular sunsets, aperitif in hand listening to the evocative pop-pop sound of the single piston fishing boats chugging their way into the harbor is a pleasure not to be missed. There’s also an inviting beach at the far end of the village, sun-loungers and cushions are available for free but you may wish to purchase a drink or snack from the cafe which can be brought to you if you wish. Once the ancient city of Myndos, the village is now in a conservation area, so no cars are allowed in the center. Since 2004, the village has played host to the Gumusluk International Classical Music Festival.

Some things you must do at your stay in Gumusluk

  • Head over to Rabbit Island for a great panorama view or if you feeling yourself more adventurous, great rock jumping from the many rock formations
  • Watch the beautiful sunset at the Limon cafe, head up there before the sunset and relax on their comfortable sofa’s whilst sharing a bottle of wine or a nice cool Efes beer.
  • Go fishing from the pier in the harbor at dawn or dusk, then fry or barbeque your fish on the beach
  • Have a fresh fish meal at one of the excellent fish restaurants on the shore of Gumusluk harbour
  • Play backgammon (in Turkish known as ‘tavla’, pronounced as tawla) with some of the locals at the beach restaurant
  • Fall asleep around the log camp fire at the Ozack bar
  • Head over to the natural rock pool at the far end of the bay and relax in the hot water pool outside
  • Eat fresh stuffed mussels with rice of the mussel man on the beach
  • Have a Turkish shave at the barber shop in the harbor
  • Watch a classical concert at the ancient Church in an amazing atmosphere
  • Just relax and enjoy the silence and panoramic views !

Recommended restaurants in Gumusluk

  • Yakamoz – this restaurant is situated in the harbor amongst the other fish restaurants, this well known restaurant does excellent fresh fish and the price is comparable with any of the other restaurants in this area.
  • Beach Restaurant – this is a family run restaurant, the owner Mustafa is one of the friendliest guys you can find in the Gumusluk village. The beach restaurant has good value for money food; they serve a variety of meals ranging from Italian pizza to fresh fish.
  • Gusta – this one is situated next to the Beach Restaurant, and it serves excellent food with chefs that have worked at famous five star hotels in Istanbul. Gusta serves a wide range of food that will delight your taste buds although it has a price to match but well worth the extra money.

Bars and cafes in Gumusluk

  • Ozack Bar – this bar is excellent during high season (mid july to the end of august), and it is situated at the far end of the bay. You can sit around the camp fire on bean bags or enjoy the atmosphere around the circular bar. Very good music and a friendly staff.
  • Mars Cafe – this bar is situated near the dolmus (minibus) station.
  • Bati Bar – Low noise bar situated in the harbor, good place to chill out on the cushion area during the day or in the evening. Also cheap but good food served here !
  • Gumus Cafe – a good bar to chill out or play backgammon in during the day, wireless internet also available here.
  • Limon Cafe – this is an interesting bar which serves good food and has amazing sunsets. It is a bit expensive compared to the other bars and cafes in the bay but also a must visit place !

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