Bodrum town, popular tourist travel destination in Turkey

Bodrum town is situated exactly as Halicarnassus was many years ago. The main road runs inland from Bodrum Castle, which is set on a rocky headland between two bays. This main road and the bays on either side form the town centre of Bodrum. The population jumps from 50,000 during winter to over half a milllion people during summer time.

Things to Do and See

Visitors to this marvelous holiday resort should take a small walk to appreciate the various boats and yachts in the harbour, experience the unforgettable smell of the sea, explore the narrow streets adorned with colorful bougainvillea and the tranquility of the white-washed houses you can find everywhere. Besides the famous St. Peters Castle there are many other things to see in the direct surroundings of this lovely town, like the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the ancient amphitheatre or the Ottoman shipyard.

Strolling along the most popular streets, like Cumhuriyet Caddesi (also known as Barstreet), visitors becoming immersed in a blend of native and cosmopolitan culture that is Bodrum today. Here small boutiques offer latest music hits, hand-made leather sandals are crafted; Turkish fezzes and harem slippers are sold side by side with American baseball caps and T-shirts bearing well known logos and humorous or bawdy slogans. For more things to do and see in the Bodrum peninsula we advise you to check our ‘Things to Do and See’ section.

Bodrum Nightlife

Bodrum is a unique town with an exceptional appeal where you can be entertained 24/7. It is possible to dream away by a chorus of bird song in a peaceful cove while you can also have a outrageous time out on the town until dawn. As a visitor to Bodrum you have to possibility to meet new friends at unforgettable parties. You can dance until daybreak aboard Turkey’s only floating disco, the Club Catamaran (a club built into a large boat) or get caught up in the atmosphere in one of the worlds few open air nightclubs like the famous Halikarnas. Well known celebrities come from far and wide to entertain and be entertained in Bodrum. You too can become a part of the sizzling Bodrum nightlife and experience all the delights it has to offer.

Cafes and restaurants serve a wide variety of cosmopolitan ‘international’ fare as well as tasty Turkish kebabs; Chinese, Mexican, Indian or Thai specialities and also the delights of traditional Ottoman cuisine. In Meyhaneler Street a tempting variety of Turkish salads (meze) is best consumed with a glass of Turkish Raki, or fine wine like Pamukkale or Doluca. Here you will discover the more traditional kind of entertainment favored by the local Bodrum residents. As the night progresses along join in a song with one of the groups of musicians and belly dancers who wander between the tables of these restaurants. More about restaurants, bars and disco’s in the Bodrum Nightlife section


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